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The Doctor

"The patient is and always has been first"

David L. Martin, D.C

Originally from La Mirada, CA and educated at Palmer West in San Jose, CA, Doctor Martin arrived in Chino California in 1989. Shortly thereafter he was awarded Small Businessman of the Year. Doctor Martin has always been in the business of helping people, from owner operator of an independent athletic club to award-winning Chiropractor.

Continually busy with an active practice and a family (including three sports and education-minded children); Doctor Martin enjoys the challenge of discovering and applying effective and in some cases life-changing treatments for his patients.

When not involved in his practice or on the road with a child's traveling sports team, Doctor Martin enjoys a round of golf and heading to the gym. If you are seeking care from a Doctor who knows and believes "The patient is and always has been first",

You have found a reliable source for care.